push ups and crunches boxing style

by Joshua Nichols
(Newton MA, USA)

I use to lift weights but I had a lot of injuries to my right knee.now I do 6 sets of 10 push ups and I do crunches and I went from 290 pounds to 270 pounds.

I'm starting to see muscle definition in my pecs,shoulders, arms,and I'm starting to get six-pack abdominal muscles.

I get more yearly results in my upper body and
abs better then free weights. bodyweight workouts make my muscles lean and athletic.not slow and stiff.
How to do pushups and crunches for sports

Pushups are great exercises for building the upper body or for toning the body. Because pushups use the body to provide the resistance to build muscles, it is great exercise if you do not want to use money to invest in heavy equipment. Besides it is a great way to condition the body for other sporting activity because it develops the muscles and strengthens the bones.

How to do pushups
 Start by lying flat on the floor with your, with your palms flat, and with your toes touching the floor. For correct balance your palms should be just a bit wider than shoulder width apart, and your feet should be held together.
 Then looking straight ahead of you, lift yourself so that your body assumes an inclined position from the tip of your toes to your head. Make sure that it is your arms that push your body upwards by being straightened.
 Pause at the top of the movement, and then lower yourself down by bending the elbows again until your chest is almost touching the floor again. Then repeat the movement.
 When you are pushing up, try not to jerk the body, use fluid movements instead.

How to do crunches

Crunches can be used for building the abs muscles. When combined with a good diet, they can lead to a six pack abs.

 Start the exercise by lying flat on the floor and bending the knees
 Place your hands behind your head or behind your neck for support. You can also cross your hands over your chest.
 Using your abdominal muscles, curl upwards keeping your lower back at the floor (It is important not to take the whole back off the floor as this will put strain on the lower back instead of working the abdominal muscles.
 Keep good form by trying to raise yourself towards the ceiling instead of towards your knees.
 Also while your arms are behind your neck or head, do not bring the elbows together as you go up. Keep them in a straight line as at the starting position.
 It is good form to exhale as you crunch, and inhale as you go back slowly to the starting position.
 Make sure that the crunch and return is not abrupt, but slow and deliberate for maximum effects.

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