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Does drinking water help Lose Weight? Discover the myths and facts of Losing Weight with Water. Tips on hydration, weight loss and how to speed up your weight loss results and metabolism.

Experts call Water as the little secret to lose weight and improve your aerobic and weight training performance and there is a good reason for that. In athletes there is a concept called dehydration and it alone can decide if you win or lose a match.

Water and Weight Loss - What's the catch?

Since digestion and absorption of food depends on water availability, the obvious benefits are for everyone to see.

Dehydration hinders performance. You cannot do your target zone aerobic training nor can you train well with weights.

A dehydrated person will have almost no motivation to exercise or carry on their weight loss goals.

So how does Water Help Lose Weight?

Your weight loss depends up on your performance in the gym and quality of your digestion and absorption. Water is indispensable in these regards. This makes water a great friend in your Weight Loss Journey.

Also water helps fill you up in between meals, making you eat less of those snacks which you used to toss in your mouth unknowingly.

Now I am sure you understand how important water is to your weight loss and survival.

In absence of adequate water your survival mechanism is at stake and your physiological processes are functioning at suboptimal levels.

My Recommendations for Water Intake

The general guideline of drinking at least 10-12 glasses is a good start. You need to drink more water during summer and if you sweat heavily during workouts.

In your workouts your aim should be a to replace all the water lost at sweat and the electrolytes.

Another way to ensure adequate fluid intake is to check the color of your urine. It should be white in color.

Can I include water from soft drinks?

Yes but it should not be your first priority. Water is water, whether it is from soft drinks or water rich foods. But nothing replaces distilled water!

Drinking water is crucial for fitness. I am habituated now to drink one glass water every waking hour. As soon as the minute hand reaches twelve my hand reaches for my glass of water. It makes me easy to track and is great habit forming. Recommends - Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

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