Weight Training and Pregnancy Tips - Do's and Don'ts for Pregnant Women Exercising

Weight Training Exercises during Pregnancy can be very beneficial both to mother and child. Read more about do's and don'ts and how to get started and continue to exercise during Pregnancy.

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Weight Training in Pregnancy - An Outline

Do you want to increase/maintain your stamina so crucial in your pregnant and motherhood days? What about reducing Leg cramps and varicose veins? Weight Training Exercises can make your pregnancy a lot safer and prepare you for a better motherhood.

Motherhood is a real joy but are you prepared to be a high-energy mother as well? How about keeping yourself full of energy and stamina and give your child the good time he/she deserves? Participating in your kids games and everything for that matter is a decision you make during pregnancy and exercising is the best way to achieve all these goals.

From Fitness experts to Journals in Sports Science everyone recommends Weight Training for pregnant women. The Journal of Sports Science even talks about how Obstetricians should make exercise suggestions to pregnant women a part of routine checkups starting from first trimester of Pregnancy.

Before going to the do's and don'ts and a specific Weight Training Program I would like to give the many benefits training with weights provides to pregnant women. It will make you realize how beneficial weight training can be and will help you keep motivated.

Weight Training in Pregnancy is associated with,

  1. A great in your energy levels.
  2. Reduced Weight Gain.
  3. More rapid weight loss after pregnancy.
  4. Better muscle conditioning for labor and motherhood
  5. Reduced chances of having to get a Caesarian Section {CS }.
  6. A stronger lower back so crucial peri-labour
  7. Speeds up the recovery post-delivery.
  8. Improved mood and sleep patterns.

Although in pregnancy women keep a good track of what they eat, exercising can be a real motivator to eat better, journal your foods and training workouts.

Do's in Weight Training for women


  1. Consult your Obstetrician and discuss if you can get started on exercising. Although Obs have very little knowledge regarding Weight Training, they can warn you in case of any impending risks or complications. A normal heart rate [ normal for pregnancy limits ], Blood pressure and no fetal distress will clear your way to a exercise workout.
  2. If you have not been working since a while and are motivated by the many benefits of Weight Training during pregnancy, I suggest you start small and DO NOT overexert.
  3. If you have been training with weights proper to pregnancy, then set a goal to at least maintain your stamina during the crucial period. You should be able to continue your program throughout pregnancy.
  4. Warm up properly as Joint laxity is very crucial here
  5. Train with moderate weights but high repetitions. This helps tone muscles and provide stamina.
  6. Train with Machine weights as they are safer.
  7. Perform exercises in a sitting position to prevent peripheral pooling of blood.
  8. Increase your caloric intake by 300-500 calories to cope up with the additional demands of pregnancy and weight training.
  9. Multivitamin and once a day whey protein shake will help you with your caloric needs.
  10. Train no more than 3 times per week.
  11. Drink plenty of water.


Don'ts in Weight Training in Pregnancy

  1. Never exercise rigorously pushing your limits as your body has a lot to cope with. Do not put it under any more stress.
  2. Never overheat your body with tight clothing. Wear loose clothes and drink lots of fluids.
  3. Avoid exercises that involve lying down or pressing against the stomach like kickboxing and ice hockey. This eliminates bench press for chest, Abdominal exercises and hamstring exercises.
  4. Avoid activities with higher risk of falling like horse riding and soccer.
  5. Avoid Scuba diving as the fetus will be at an increased risk of decompression sickness during this activity.

Work at your own pace as this is the best way YOU can improve.


Tips on formulating your Weight Training Program

  1. If you have not being exercising before [since a long time I mean ] then walking or a 20 minute aerobic session for first 1-2 weeks will help you get started.
  2. Weight Train thrice a week for 20-30 minutes.
  3. Perform 2-3 sets per exercise and not more than 2 exercises per body part.
  4. Again work at your own pace. There is no rush.
  5. Perform only the best exercises - Best Exercises - Seated Shoulder Press, Seated Rows and Squats with Smith Machine are great to start with.
  6. And above all make exercising a habit not only during pregnancy but also for the rest of you life.

Managing kids [high energy and full of life] often becomes a challenging job. Go up for it and enjoy the whole experience from exercising for your [ and your kid's] better future to living a life full of energy.

I hope this article has been helpful.


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