3 Best Exercise DVDs For Women


Which are The 3 Best Exercise DVDS for Women

One of the biggest complaints that women have when it comes to working out and getting in shape, is that they don't have time. It's true that today's woman has a plethora of responsibilities that might leave her worn out.

The last thing that a woman wants to do after a full day of taking care of the home or working, is having to make time to run off to the gym. The only other time that they might have is in the mornings, and a lot of people don't have the energy or the discipline to wake up at 4 or 5 o'clock two do their work out before they start their day. So what's a great solution for today's busy woman?

Exercise DVDs are the perfect way for women to realize her fitness goals in the privacy of her home.

There are more exercise DVDs than most women will have time to accomplish.

Here's a look at some popular exercise DVDs for today's busy woman that are effective, will make her feel challenged, and at the same time she'll have fun performing these.


The hottest craze in fitness right now, or at lease one of the hottest craze is, is Zumba. Zumba is an exercise program developed by a gentleman from Brazil. As such, this is a dance-based exercise program that challenges a person aerobically.

The participants move to a variety of dance movements that challenges the muscles, and gets their heart rate going. The music is very entertaining and people feel like they're spending a night at a dance club instead of having a workout.

People have so much fun , they feel so alive and sexy after performing these exercises, that it's not hard for them to want to continue to do this and therefore lose weight.



Another exercise DVD that receives heavy marketing on TV is called Insanity. The Insanity plan is very tough for men, but women participate in this exercise program as well.

The Insanity workout is based upon the fact that this workout program will challenge a person to their physical capacity. This is an excellent workout program for people who not only need physical training, but need mental training.

It's often good for women to push themselves further than they thought possible. They'll lose weight, gain physical conditioning, and gain a sense of accomplishment when they perform the insanity workout series.



The last exercise DVD of mention that is a little bit more on the softer side, is the Winsor Pilates series. The Winsor Pilates series has been on the market for about 10 years now, but it's so good that it bears mention.

Pilates is a form of exercise that strengthens and tones the muscles, while creating long and lean muscle.

This is a great exercise DVD program for women who wanted to their bodies to develop without looking bulky and masculine. These exercises are great for not only getting in shape, they also offer cardiovascular advantages.

At the very least, a person will relive the stress and relax while building long lean muscle when they perform the Windsor Pilates workout.

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