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Why Arm and leg toning exercise work

Not everyone that hits the gym is all that interested in bulking up. Many will seek to define and tone their physique.

Certain groups will be selected because they are "show muscles" and other groups will be selected because they are somewhat lagging behind.

Really, the reasons you choose to tone certain muscles over others are not the issue here.

What's the Issue and the solution?

The key here is that you are able to reach your desired physique goals.

In order to do this, however, you will need to employ the appropriate muscle toning exercises that will deliver the desired results.

So, what can people hoping to tone their arms and legs do to achieve a look that is appealing to them?

The best advice to follow would be to integrate the top three exercises for developing the arms and legs into their workout routine.

The Top Three Arm Toning Exercises


Bicep Concentration Curls: This is an exercise designed to create the elusive peak in the biceps. Basically, this is a curl performed by resting the elbow on the inner thigh and curling upwards.

This moves the stress of the exercise to the upper point of the bicep muscle.

Wrist Curls: Despite the name, this exercise does not build the wrist (The wrists are bones and not muscles).

Instead, these are forearm strengthening and toning exercises performed by curling a barbell/dumbbell forward or reverse through the curling motion of the hands.

The wrist flexing is isolated and the rest of the arm does not factor into the movement.

Triceps Kick Backs: This is an isolation exercise where the arm above the elbow is stationary and the arm below the elbow kicks back a dumbbell. This tones the triceps tremendously.

The Top Three Leg Toning Exercises


Leg Extensions: This is an isolation exercise performed on a leg extension machine. Basically, your upper thighs are isolated as your lower legs raise the weighted leg apparatus. In addition to toning the legs, this exercise is known for making them stronger as well.

Leg Curls: These are reverse leg extensions where you lie on your stomach as opposed to your back. The heels of the legs curl in reverse to your buttocks. This exercise helps build both sides of the quads and not just the back as some erroneously believe.

Hack Squats with a Barbell: This is identical to a traditional barbell squat with a few major differences. The barbell is not placed on the shoulders. Instead, it is held at waist level behind the back. Hack squats are also performed with very low weight on the bar.

In Closing

Do not back a lot of weight on any of these exercises. Keep the weight amount low and the reps high. This way, you will tone and define the muscles as opposed to bulking them up. Recommends

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