How to perform barbell hack squat exercise for butt/hamstrings

Why are barbell hack squats such an effective exercise?

Barbell Hack Squats is a less known exercise for building bigger butt/glute muscles as it stimulates hamstrings like very few exercises do.

It is a cool variation from the machine hack squats. Another variation is the kettlebell hack squats discussed in the hack squats section.

Another advantage of hack squats done with barbells is that it reduces the stress on your knees and lower back compared to regular squats but strengthens the posterior chain muscles very effectively.

Learn how to perform barbell hack squats exercise properly with right technique and blast your butt muscles.

Purpose - To build muscle mass or tone the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings muscles

Execution Steps

Step 1:  Select a relatively clear area and load a barbell. Stand in front of the loaded barbell and squat down to grip the barbell {hands shoulder width apart} placed behind you with an overhand grip.

You are in the start position. Keep your head straight, body tight and back naturally arched.

Step 2:  Stand up straight by pushing your feet in to the ground until you come  to a standing position. Press your glutes hard and squeeze them for peak contraction.

Step 3:  Keeping the back straight, lower yourself slowly and get to the rock bottom position or go as low as your flexibility and strength allows.

Some people like to stand on a set of plates placed under their heels. This will help you if you have less hip flexibility and cannot get to bottom position.

You can makes hack squats harder by standing on an elevated platform or board so that the barbell travels below your feet. Give it a try if you have the flexibility.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.

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