Leg Presses -- Build Thigh Muscles to Perfection

Leg Press is an one of the best exercise to Build Thigh Muscles. Check out the correct technique and learn how to do it correctly.

-- To Build Muscle Mass of the Thigh Muscles.

If you have Back problems or are concerned about lower back pressure then Leg Presses are the best thigh Building and toning exercise.

Leg Press Start Position

Execution Technique.

There are 2 types of Leg Presses

1. The Diagonalor Vertical Sled type Leg Press seen in a few gyms where weights are attached directly to sled mounted on rails and you sit below the sled pushing the weights with his feet upwards.

2. The Seated Leg Press where you sit upright and push your feet forward.

Stance -- The basic stance is feet-together stance.

Leg Press Midpoint Position


1. Position yourself under the machine {Vertical Type} and sit upright {Seated type} and place the feet together placed against the crosspiece.

2. Bend your knees and allow the weight to lower itself until your knees are near 90 degrees. At no point take your lower back off the bench rest as it can cause spine problems.

3. Now push the weights by extending your legs and press the weight back, making sure that you continue to exhale all the while as holding breathe can cause rise in abdominal pressure.

Points to remember

  • Move only legs and don't use your arms to push the knees.
  • Concentrate on form
  • Go as Heavy as possible

There is a variation in Leg Press, called Leg Press - toe-apart position dealt in the Advanced Training Principles Section.

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