Hack Squat | Hack Squats Exercise to Build Bigger Butt & Lower Thighs

Purpose - To isolate and build the Lower Quadriceps Muscle.

There are two cool ways to do a Hack Squat Exercise - Machine Hack Squats and Barbell Hack Squats.

Add Kettlebell Hack Squats and you got three ways to do hack squats.

Execution Technique for Machine Hack Squats

This version of the exercise is done on a Hack Squats machine.

P.S. Hack squats can cause excessive shearing force on your knees and they are a poor substitute to barbell squats or kettlebell squats or barbell hack squats. If you prefer to use them, then let your training partner help you get to the extended position.


Step 1: Get on a Hack Squats machine and get your shoulders under the support.

This will be your start position. Its much easier to start at the top than at the bottom. Get help from a partner or trainer to get to this position.

Step 2: Bend your knees and go down as low as possible - thighs parallel to the floor.

Get back to the start position by pushing with your thigh muscles and repeat.

Hack squats are a poor substitute to free weight squats. Also they do not transfer the heavy poundages from hack squats to regular squats as the back strength which is critical for improving your free squat, is not improved in hack squats with machines as the back is excessively stabilized.

Barbell Hack Squats - Variation of Hack Squats

The barbell version is better than machine as it build back strength too. It is especially easier if you are tall with long legs. People with smaller arms might find it little difficult.

It is easier on the knees and works on back muscles and thighs very effectively. I have detailed the description of barbell hack squats elsewhere.

Kettlebell Hack Squats

If you try the kettlebell version of hack squats, then I bet you will rethink about leg training forever.

It is intense, brutal and very satisfying. Try the one kettlebell version and end the hack squat on your toes.

Feel your thighs burn. Enjoy the pain.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.

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