Calf Raises- Best Calf Muscle Building Exercise

Why are calf raises such an effective exercise

Calf Muscle Exercises are performed to build 2 basic calf muscles, soleus and gastrocnemius. Seated Calf Raises is the best Calf Muscle Exercise to build quality calves.

Calves are a very aesthetic body part but alas many weight trainers including bodybuilders skip calf training .

Ideally calf muscles should be equal to biceps to be considered fully developed.

If you are lacking on calf muscle development consider Weak Point training with priority training.

The different Calf Muscle Exercises

1. Standing and Seated Calf raises

2. Donkey Calf Raises

3. One legged calf raises.

Don't forget the bodyweight calf raises which you can do anywhere.



Seated and Standing Calf Raises are the best exercises to Build Calf Muscles. Learn how to do these to build highly aesthetic calves.

Calf Raises - The Best Calf Muscle Builder

Purpose -- To Build Overall Muscle Mass in the Calves.

If there is only one exercise you want to do for Calves, then it should be Calf Raises. It is the overall Calf Muscle Builder. Nothing compares to it.

Execution Technique.

Calf Raises can be performed Standing or Seated { on Leg Press Machine }. Standing Raises is the gold standard exercise.

Stance -- The basic stance is feet-shoulder-width-apart.


1. Step on a Calf Raise Machine with your toes on a block and heals extended into space. Place the shoulders under the pads and hook the weight off the support.

2. Lower your heals as far as possible towards the floor. Keep your knees slightly bent.

3.Now raise yourself up using only the toes and come as far as possible.

Go as heavy as possible. With time you can perform partial repetitions once you get tired on a set.

Seated Calf Raises - Click here for seated calf raises exercise technique.

Donkey Calf Raises- More information on performingdonkey calf raises  here.

One Leg Calf Raises

This is done just like the Two leg Raises but you raise one calf at a time. It helps isolate and build each Calf muscle separately.

Points to remember

  • Exhale while you exert.{ While moving up here }
  • Go full range of motion.
  • Use high blocks
  • Go as Heavy as possible

Many people miss calf training completely. Nothing looks bad { esp. on a beach} to have muscular thighs with skinny calves. Just like abs, calves can be very aesthetic looking, and they are an absolute must if you want to ever compete.

Just to it.

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