How to do Seated Calf Raise exercise for bigger calves

Why are seated calf raises such an effective exercise

Seated calf raises are a very effective exercise for calf muscle building when done properly and with enough intensity. Learn how to do seated calf raises on a machine or with a barbell/dumbbells for effective calf workout.

Seated calf raises are effective exercise but not as effective as donkey calf raises for mass building. I use these to workout at home or do supersets after standing calf raises or donkey calf raises.

Seated calf raises can be done with a calf raise machine, a barbell held on your thighs or a set of dumbbells placed on their ends onto your thighs.

How to do seated calf raises with a barbell

Execution steps

Step 1: Sit at the edge of a bench with feet hip width apart and place a barbell on your thighs near the knees. You can alternatively place dumbbells on your thighs near the knees. Placing your feet on a board will help a longer range of contraction.


Step 2: Raise your feet by lifting with your heals making the calf muscles contract hard. Get a peak contraction, pause for 2-3 seconds and then lower the weights under controlled tension.


You can also do seated calf raises in a power rack or smith machine if available. But as I said I do them at home because standing and donkey versions pack more mass.

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