Concentration Curls Exercise - Dumbbell Biceps Curl to build peaked biceps

Bodybuilding Exercise - Concentration Curls for Bigger Arms

Along with Barbell curls and preacher curls, concentration curls is the third bare minimum essential biceps exercise as it stresses the last range of biceps movement or arm curls.

Concentration Curls is the best exercise to build biceps peak. Check the correct execution technique to build a arms sure to be envied.

Have you seen Bodybuilders like Arnold and Ronnie Coleman with amazing peaked Biceps? The secret to their high biceps are Concentration Curls.

Arnold Schwarzenegger made this exercise very popular and they ARE real effective to build a peaked biceps. Although its NOT the best Arm Muscle Builder, concentration curls exercise should be a part of your arms race as peaked biceps are very impressive to look at.

Purpose - To Build a peak in the biceps

Concentration Curls should be treated as a power exercise and use as much weight as possible but with a strict form.

Execution Technique

This exercise is done standing bent at torso using a dumbbell. You can also do it sitting on a bench as shown.


  1. In the standing version of this exercise, bend down at your torso holding a dumbbell in your hand and resting your your other arm on your knee.
  2. In this seated version, position yourself as shown in the photo above with your arm extended and elbow resting on your inner thigh.
  3. Curl your arms to the maximum and at the top of the curl, twist your wrist so that the little finger is at a lower level than the thumb for maximum arm curling effect.
  4. Lower the dumbbell back to start position under controlled tension. Lower, not drop.


Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Go as heavy as possible but keep form strict. Some exercises are muscle builders but concentration curls are shape builders so form is more than ever important.

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