Incline Dumbbell Curls Exercise to build bigger biceps

Why are dumbbell Incline curls so effective

As you discovered in the biceps exercises section, chin ups and barbell curls with an Olympic bar are the best arm muscle builders. Then why should you do incline curls?

Because biceps get a longer range of motion and stretch than regular barbell curls.

This takes in to account the muscle physiology principle which states that the more stretched the muscle is at the beginning of contraction, the more it contracts at the peak of contraction.

Hence making incline dumbbell curls different from other biceps curls.

Purpose - To Build overall size of the biceps and brachialis muscle.


This exercise is done on an Incline bench {raised to 45 degrees} with a pair of heavy dumbbells.

You can grip the dumbbells underhand or a neutral grip. The neutral grip with semi-pronated arms helps recruit more brachialis muscle fibers giving your elbows the fuller look.


  1. Sit on an Incline Bench with a pair of heavy dumbbells.

    I suggest a lower angle like 45 degrees as it helps a longer range of motion and allows the biceps to extend fully.
  2. Now keeping your body tight, abs braced and feet on the ground, curl the dumbbells up {one at a time} to shoulder level and then lower back to start position in a slow, controlled manner.

    Prevent the natural tendency to curl with your deltoids. Your shoulders should be fixed, chest held up and try to isolate your biceps. Remember incline curls are isolation exercises not an upper body exercise.
  3. At the top of the movement contract harder with palms facing yourself and wrists curled up for max effect. And at the end of the movement let the palms face each other or forwards with wrists locked throughout the ;pwering movement.


This completes one repetition. Maintain contraction throughout the move, do not relax at bottom or top and perform under strict form.

Reps and sets: Although bodybuilding style high reps per set {8 to 12 reps of 3-4 sets} are effective, initially you can train with fewer reps and not to failure.

Decline Curls?

The opposite of incline curls is the decline hammer curls.

Here you lie facedown on an incline bench and perform a hammer curls.

In this exercise I suggest you raise the bench to 50 or even 60 degrees as going any steeper will force more stabilization of core making it less of a biceps exercise.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert. Here you exhale at the top of the movement but do not relax your arms.
  • Go full range to build longer biceps. That is the purpose of incline curls right?

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