Cheat Curls - A Power exercise to build Muscle mass in the biceps

Barbell Cheat Curls is a power exercise to lift heavy and build biceps muscle mass. Learn one of the few Weight Lifting exercises where cheating actually helps.

The popular notion " No Cheating " does not apply here 100%. Cheat Curls is one widely used Biceps exercise by professionals to build some serious muscle mass in the arms.

The whole principle is based on the idea of Rotatory movement being superior to  Linear movement when it comes to biceps curls. Many Biceps exercise machine claim this. So use of shoulder muscles and back is allowed in this exercise.

Cheat Curls is a definite mass builder but should always be a priority after Strict Barbell curls. I do it once in 2-3 arm workouts just to lift more on workouts where I am more pumped up.

Purpose - To Build Muscle mass in the biceps.


This exercise is done using a heavy loaded barbell. Use more weight than you normally use for barbell curls.


  1. Stand upright holding a barbell in front of you.
  2. As the weight is heavier you can use back and shoulder muscles to help lift the weight. Although bodybuilders do this exercise as shown above, recently I have come across research that suggests a better method.

    You do this by leaning forward and NOT backwards. This method is safer on your back muscles than moving backwards to generate more force.
  3. Curl back to start point and repeat..

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Go as heavy as possible

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