Hammer Curls Exercise to Build Biceps and Forearms


Why are Hammer curls such an effective exercise

Hammer Curls is an excellent exercise to build biceps and additionally work on forearms. Although any arm curl will stimulate the biceps, hammer curls stimulate the brachialis muscle which is a strong elbow flexor too.

Check the correct execution technique and blast your arms now.

Brachialis Stimulation - Brachialis is a very strong muscle seen on the outer side of your arms.

It contracts with the biceps muscle in arm curls but the stress on brachialis is more when the arms are in neutral position. That is when the palms are facing each-other.

This is because the biceps is relatively weaker in this wrist position and thereby forces mores stimulation of brachialis muscle.

Purpose - To Build Biceps and Forearms.


This exercise is done using a pair of heavy dumbbells.


  1. Grab a pair of dumbbells and sit at the end of a bench.
  2. Curl your arms just like you would in standard Dumbbell Curls but keep your palms facing each other all the time.
  3. Lower your arms with palms facing each other to additionally work the forearms.

Variations of Hammer Curls -

1. Cable Hammer Curls

In this variation you need to use rope attached to a low pulley cable. and perform the biceps curls with your palms facing each other.

Remember to keep your elbows tucked to the sides and make no movement at the shoulders for maximum effectiveness.

2. Hammer Curl to Shoulder press

Did you know that you can increase biceps involvement when you raise your elbows to shoulder level at the end of your biceps curls? Try it.

Also you can finish the hammer curl movement by doing a hammer curls to shoulder press move wherein you simply do a shoulder press with palms facing each-other at the end of hammer curls.

This will stimulate both biceps and deltoids for a cool hybrid move.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Go go full range of motion.

Biceps Exercises

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