Bicep Exercises and Workouts to build sleeve bursting biceps muscles

Aren't biceps our real pride as a bodybuilder?

I bet they are. Here I will share with you the best Bicep Building exercises and workouts and be talk of the town, school or college at least.

Best Bicep Exercises to build muscular peaked biceps. Check these Bicep workout routines to build arms in weeks and run for some new shirts.

Are Bigger biceps your dream?

Bigger biceps as it appears are a dream for everyone. Its the only area which will be grossly visible and noticeable in shirt, t-shirts etc.

No wonder bigger biceps are the norm.

Inside this article

Functions of Biceps and how to hit both the biceps heads

Best 5 Biceps exercises of all time

Optional Biceps Exercises - Another 10 Biceps exercise

Sample Biceps Exercise Workouts

Busting Biceps Training myths

Function of Biceps and how each exercise helps builds them

Biceps has 2 functions. The first one is to curl the arm. And the second is to twist the wrist. Therefore it does require stimulation from 2 different angles.

1. Although Barbell Curls does this work very efficiently I also suggest you do dumbbell curls for a complete brachialis development as dumbbells help curl the wrist as well, a function barbell is limited in.

2. Use barbell, dumbbell and cable exercises to work various parts of the biceps muscle.

3. Barbell allows the neutral grip and helps use maximum weight but dumbbells and cables allow for the second function of biceps of supination mentioned earlier.

4. Different exercise emphasizes different parts of the exercise MORE than other.

Preacher Curls - First part of elbow flexion
Barbell curls - midrange and
Concentration curls - last range of flexion

5. EMG studies which detect muscle contraction reveals that the three best exercises for biceps or arm training in the order of priority are

a. Chin Ups
b. Preacher curls and
c. Barbell curls

I say biceps curls as the best as you can lift maximum poundage, add resistance easily and better isolation exercise than chin ups which are better upper body exercise than a isolation move.

The best way is to do chin ups for total arm development and then add isolation moves for advanced training.

Remember arms are essential for all lifts like bench press, overhead press or deadlifts and rows.

Best Biceps Exercises { Click on each link to learn the correct exercise technique }


  1. Barbell Curls - Make no mistake, beginner or advanced barbell curls are still the best arm builders.
  2. Dumbbell Curls - as I stated it helps additional brachialis development.
  3. Incline Dumbbell Curls helps develop lower biceps. The pre-stretch at the bottom helps biceps contract harder at the top of the movement.
  4. Preacher Curls also help concentrate on Lower Biceps. The incline versions tends to immobilize the shoulder and reduces its involvement in arm curling.
  5. Concentration Curls helps develop the lovable peak in the biceps.

Optional Bicep Exercises

  1. Arm Blaster Curls
  2. Cheat Curls
  3. 3 Part Curls
  4. Incline Dumbbell Curls
  5. Alternative Dumbbell Curls
  6. Hammer Curls
  7. Lying Dumbbell Curls
  8. Cable Curls
  9. Reverse Curls
  10. Reverse Preacher Curls
  11. Machine Curls

Sample Biceps Exercise Workouts

Perform Biceps once a week and not more than twice a week. As Biceps are required in almost all upper body exercises, they get constant stimulation. I suggest once a week total bicep workout is sufficient for its complete stimulation.

How any Sets?

Biceps is a small muscle and used in all exercises. I suggest 8-12 sets of the best exercises will suffice the need.

Sample routine One { For beginners }

This workout is designed for beginner bodybuilders as it includes the best mass builders. I strongly urge you to add at least 2 inches of solid biceps muscle before you try the advanced routine as you will require advanced exercises for getting bigger arms later.

  • Standing Barbell Curl - 4 sets each of 10, 8, 6 and 4 reps.
  • Incline Dumbbell Curl - 3 sets each of 10, 8, 6 and 4 reps.
  • Concentration Curl - 3 sets each of 10, 8, 6 and 4 reps.

Sample Routine 2 { for advanced }

This workout is designed for intermediate or advanced bodybuilders who have at least 2 years of solid arms training.

  • Standing Barbell Curl - 4 sets each of 10, 8, 6 and 4 reps.
  • Incline Dumbbell Curl - 3 sets each of 10, 8, 6 and 4 reps.
  • Preacher Curl - 3 sets each of 10, 8, 6 and 4 reps.
  • Concentration Curls, super set with dumbbell curls - 3 sets each of 10, 8, 6 and 4 reps.

Perform these exercises with High Intensity for at least 4 weeks and buy yourself some new shirts.

Busting Biceps Training myths

Does the most popular biceps curl involve only the biceps?

No. Biceps curl should be named arm curls as the curling requires contraction of biceps, brachialis muscles in addition to brachioradialis muscle of the forearms.

Of these muscles, the biceps brachii crosses both the shoulder and elbow joints. whereas the remaining two act strictly on the elbow joint.

It is not possible to exclude shoulders from biceps training

Bodybuilders have been ding exercises like the supported biceps curl {back against the wall}, arm blasters {with special elbow fixing equipment to isolate the biceps muscles.

Although you cannot completely negate the movements of anterior deltoids, you can minimize its involvement by using strict form. More details in Biceps Curls with barbells and dumbbells section.

Cheating is a good strategy for isolating biceps

If strict biceps {and other two muscles mentioned above} are to work, then there should be little or no movement about the shoulder joint.


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bicep curls ez bar close grip 4 sets {reps 10,8,6,4} inclined combined dumbbell hammer 4 sets preacher curl straight bar 3 sets. bicep extension.... …

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Common Visitor Biceps exercise questions

1. How should I exercise and get a peak for the bicep?

Basically, you will need to develop a lot of mass in the biceps first. Unless your biceps are massive and muscular, you cannot create a peak in their appearance. Start with traditional mass building workouts first and then move onto definition training to help enhance the peak.

2. What exercise is best for building a bicepS peak?

Dumbbell concentration curls are the best exercise to attain a peak in the biceps. The way this exercise would is that you sit of a bench and rest your tricepS on your thigh a curl the dumbbell between your legs. This will alter the stress of the curl to where it hits the peaks of the biceps and helps develop them immensely.

3. What is the best bicep exercise?

The traditional barbell curl with a moderate amount of weight will deliver tremendous results. For some, this is the only bicep exercise they perform.

4. How often should you exercise your bicep?

One day a week is fine. Two days can be helpful if the biceps are lagging behind your other muscles. A mix of barbell, dumbbell, and cable curls should be enough to effectively develop the biceps.

5. What is bicep curl exercise?

This is a basic exercise that can be performed with a dumbbell or a barbell and it can be performed seated or standing. It entails raising the weight via the curling of the arms to shoulder level and then lowering the weight to belt level. This can be done to enhance mass or definition depending upon the weight and repetitions.

6. Bicep workout how often?

You really do not need to work on the biceps more than once a week since there are only two muscles that comprise it. Hence, the name biceps: two heads. Also, the biceps receive secondary stress from the other upper body exercises which aids in their development.

7. Why am I not sore when i workout biceps?

If you are not training to failure or expanding your weight load, you will not feel sore. Basically, if you are handling a weight load that does not tax the muscles, you will not feel much in terms of soreness. Also, proper performance of the exercise reduces injury potential and, hence, reduces soreness.

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