Reverse Barbell Curls to Build biceps and forearm muscles

Why is reverse barbell curls such an effective exercise?

Reverse Barbell Curls is an excellent exercise to work biceps and forearms together.

This exercise when done with a reverse grip E-Z bar causes maximum activation of brachioradialis muscle which is the biggest muscle of the forearms.

You can also do the hammer curl for the forearm muscles which are safer as they put less stress on the wrists than regular reverse curls done with a straight bar.

Check the correct technique and blast your arms now.

Purpose - To build muscle mass in the biceps and outer forearm.

This exercise is intended to build biceps mainly. Reverse wrist curls is dealt in the Forearm Exercises section.


This exercise is done using a heavy barbell held in an overhand grip in standing position.


  1. Grab hold of a E-Z curl bar with an overhand grip in upright position.
  2. Curl the bar as high as you can and curl back to start position.
  3. Hold the bar in the overhand position throughout the movement without curling the wrist.

Why use E-Z Curl bar instead of straight bar?

Forearm muscles when in a semi pronated position, as in E-Z Curl exercise, face less stress and this reduces the chances of forearm muscle injury.

Also make sure that you go full range i this exercise as it increases the activation of two important muscles of forearms  brachialis and brachioradialis which give the fuller appearance to forearms.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Form is as important as heavy weight.

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