Machine Curls Exercise to Build Biceps Muscle


Whys is preacher curls such an effective exercise?

Machine Curls exercise provides longest range of motion and help build bicep muscle. Check the correct Technique and blast your arms now.

The whole principle in Biceps Machines is that rotatory motion is superior to Linear one and the resistance provided in negative part of the motion makes build biceps harder.

Purpose - To Build Muscle Mass in the Biceps


Bicep Machines can be for tow handed curls or alternate machine curls. Either one is effective.


  1. Sit on the bicep machine and grab hold of the bar.
  2. Curl the bar as high as possible feeling a good contraction in the biceps.
  3. Now curl the bar down till you feel a good bicep stretch.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Use machines for definition rather than muscle mass.

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