Cable Curls - One arm and two hand cable curls to build biceps

Why is Cable curls such an effective exercise?

Cable Curls is one of the best exercise to build a peaked bigger biceps, Check the correct technique and build arms that will burst your sleeves.

Cable provides with a constant resistance throughout the movement and helps recruit extra muscle fibres.

Also placing resistance on your biceps in their most stretched position is one of the best muscle building methods. And cable curls let you do just that.

Purpose - To Build bigger biceps and shape them


This exercise is done using a floor level cable and pulley.

For One arm Curls use a pulley with a single handle and for two hands cable curls use a pulley with two handles.


  1. Standing upright grab the handles of the floor level pulley with your elbows fixed at your sides.
  2. Curl the bar upwards and get them as close to your chin as possible feeling a good bicep contraction at the top. Squeeze hard at the top position.
  3. Now curl back and feel a good stretch at the bottom.

Variation of Cable curls - Two arms cable curls

Points to remember

  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Maintain a controlled, smooth motion.

Cable Curls with Preacher Bench

This is an excellent variation of Cable curls and is done on an preacher bench just like Preacher Curls.

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