Barbell Arm Blaster Curls Exercise & Workouts - Build Bigger Biceps now

Why should you use arm blasters exercise?

Barbell Arm Blaster is an exercise exercise to force strict form in your Biceps training.

Many biceps exercises like the regular barbell or dumbbell curls are less than optimal at biceps muscle isolation.

By preventing cheating or use of many accessory muscles during arm training and keeping elbows fixed, arm blasters with this special piece of equipment helps you train biceps and brachialis muscles harder.

Check the correct technique and learn how you can serious mass with arm blaster.

Purpose - To Build Muscle mass in the biceps.


This exercise is done using an arm blaster - A special equipment which supports the elbows preventing elbow movement and thereby isolating biceps.



  1. Grab hold of a barbell or an E-Z bar after wearing the arm blaster.
  2. Curl the bar without thinking about the elbow movement as the arm blaster will force strict form.
  3. Curl down and get back to start point.

Points to remember

  • Exhale while you exert or when you raise the barbell
  • Arm blaster minimizes cheating and is a very strict way of doing biceps training.

Is cheating allowed in arm exercises?

There are two types of moves - compound moves and isolation moves. Biceps curls, either barbell or arm blasters are isolation moves.

Exercises like clean and press or clean and jerk are compound in which the cheating part is inbuilt in the exercise itself. Those moves require all major muscle groups and momentum. In such moves you can cheat, although experts call the cheating move as normal part of exercise.

In isolation exercises like biceps curls, more so in arm blasters  as the equipment is used to prevent cheating, do not use excessive bending to generate momentum.

The shoulder muscles should not be used and body should be held straight with eyes looking forward.

Strict form in cheat curls will help you build more biceps muscles without draining shoulders or causing back muscle fatigue.

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