Great Bicep Workout by Fazi

by fazi

bicep curls ez bar close grip 4 sets {reps 10,8,6,4}

inclined combined dumbbell hammer 4 sets
preacher curl straight bar 3 sets.
bicep extension.... 4 sets.

this is the best exercise and u can gain muscles too fast

How to Get a Good Bicep Workout

The biceps represent one of the major muscle groups of the arms. They are used daily in movements and are involved in most exercises that have to do with the upper body. They are easy to train and because they are large muscle fibers, it is easy to see them increase in size after just a few training sessions.

There are many different exercises that can be directed to build the biceps. Here are some tips on getting a good bicep workout;

Learn the right form for exercises

As much as weight training is important, performing the exercises the wrong way will not yield much benefit to you, and may even lead to injuries. For example one of the best exercises for building the biceps is the standing barbell curls. The correct form of the exercises is to lift the barbell up in front of you in one smooth movement, using only your arms. However some people use their backs, or jerk the weight on the upwards movements and this movements reduce the effects of the exercises on the biceps.

Avoid overtraining the Biceps

Since the biceps are involved in most exercises of the upper body such as chest and back exercises, it can be easy to over train them. One of the best ways of avoiding to over train these muscles is to work the biceps on different days from the other upper body exercises. Therefore you will only be concentrating on them. You can combine biceps workout with workout of the lower body, but not with workouts of the upper body.

Major exercises to train the Biceps

If you want to build big biceps, you must include in your exercise program the following exercises;

Barbell curls

Grab the barbell with an underhand grip standing with feet about shoulder width apart then lift the barbell to the level of your face with your elbows pointing down. Keep slow deliberate movements and do not jerk as you lift and also do not just allow the weight to fall down under gravity. Let it your arms offer a little resistance to the downward movement. Dumbbells can be used instead of barbells and they have a greater range of motion for the arms.

Dumbbell concentration curls

These are also exercises that can be used to create bulging biceps. To do this you need a dumbbell of suitable weight.
Sit on an exercise bench with the dumbbell placed on the floor in front of you. Then placing the unused arm on the knee for support, bend slightly and pick up the dumbbell. Then using your biceps, curl the dumbbell to the other shoulder, keeping your elbow pointed to the ground at the end of the movement. Slowly release and then do the desired repetitions.

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