How to doTricep Kickbacks Exercise with Dumbbells to build triceps muscle

Why do Triceps Kickbacks Exercise with Dumbbells?

Although close grip bench press and triceps extensions should be the cornerstone of strong and muscular triceps, triceps kickbacks exercise done with dumbbells is a good variation too. It adds variety and is a favorite of many bodybuilders.

Purpose - To Build the upper area of the triceps muscle.

Strong triceps muscle is very important for chest exercises like bench press and back exercises like deadlifts.

Proper Execution Technique


This exercise is done standing with a dumbbell.


1. Stand in a lean forward position holding a dumbbell in one hand with one knee slightly bent and resting on a bench. Use the other hand for support, resting it on the bench.

Grab hold of the dumbbell and bend your arm at the elbow as shown. This is the start point of the exercise. Keep the elbow tucked in close to your torso.

2. Extend your arm until your arm is parallel to the ground and feel a good triceps extension. The key here is to let triceps muscle do all the work and not the back.

Just contract the triceps muscle as hard as you can so that it does all the work using back as stabilizer muscles.

3. Return to the start position and repeat for the prescribed number of reps.

Should you do kickbacks with dumbbells?

Its a personal choice. Since you cannot lift heavy weights for repetitions and the stabilization and secondary muscles too hard to maintain triceps working, it is not the best triceps muscle builder.

As I said before you can use this exercise as pre-exhaustion technique before triceps press or on moderate weights days.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Keep very very strict form and do not lift off the back rather use your triceps muscle only.

Triceps Exercises

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