Tricep Pressdowns - Full range tricep exercise

What makes Triceps Press downs such an effective exercise?

Also known as Lat machine Press down, triceps cable pressdowns are a great way to blast triceps and build them through full range of motion.

-- To Build overall Muscle Mass in the Triceps.

A super strict, elbow locked triceps exercise when done properly will blast your triceps.

Execution Technique.

This exercise is done using a overhead pulley machine, just like the one used for Lats Pulldowns.


1. Hook a small bar to the pulley and hold it with an overhand close grip. Keep your whole body steady.

2. Press the bar down as far as possible keeping your elbows locked.

3. Now release and get back to starting position

Points to remember

  • Remember exert while you exert.
  • Keep a controlled motion and avoid jerky movements
  • Keep whole body steady.

Just to it.

Variations of Tricep Pressdowns

1. Arm Blaster Pressdowns

This is done in the same way as Standard Tricep pressdowns but with an Arm Blaster - a special piece of equipment which fixes the elbow and forces a strict movement.

2. Tricep Pressdowns with a reverse grip

Using an underhand grip is an excellent way to add variety to this exercise.

3. One arm Cable Reverse Pressdowns

Doing cable pressdowns with one arm at a time with a reverse grip is an excellent way to isolate each tricep muscle.

Triceps Exercises

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