Lying Tricep Extension - A full range tricep muscle exercise

Why are triceps extensions such an effective exercise

Triceps Extensions develop complete {all three heads of} triceps. If you are looking for a variation to pressdowns for triceps, then triceps extensions are a great alternative.

But beware triceps extensions done in every workout year round has been shown to cause triceps tendonitis. It is a condition which involves pain in triceps area due to inflammation.

To prevent this condition and yet use the best triceps exercise {i.e. extensions}, I suggest that you do this exercise on alternative cycles of 12 weeks or so when you change extensions to dips or other effective exercise.

-- To Build overall Muscle Mass in the Triceps.

Triceps extension is also called elbow to the lats triceps exercise.

Execution Technique.

This exercise is done using lying on a bench a bar loaded with weights.


1. Lie on a bench with knees bent and feet flat on the bench.

2. Hold a bar with overhand grip hands 10 inches apart.

3. Press the weights up until your arms are locked out.

4. Keeping the elbows stationary bring the bar to starting position.

Lying Dumbbell Extensions

This is a variation of the barbell extensions n=but instead uses dumbbells. Its important to remember to keep the elbows stationary to isolate the triceps.

Points to remember

  • Remember exert while you exert.
  • Keep a controlled motion and avoid jerky movements
  • Keep whole body steady.

Just to it.

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