Sample Free Upper Body Exercise Routine for Women

How to Get Lean shoulder and arms with workout routines

Most women look to tone and define their upper body, which is why so many exercise devices and DVDs claiming to deliver such results are popular.

However, there is such wide variety out there with all these many workouts it can prove a little difficult to select the appropriate workout program for a woman's needs.

This point does bear repeating: you want to employ upper body exercises that are designed specifically for women.

Say NO to Heavy, High Repetition Men's Muscle Routines

Men's upper body routines would be an absolute "no go" for most women. The reason for this is fairly obvious. Men's workout programs are designed mainly for the purpose of enhancing strength and packing on a lot of extra bulk.

This is not the approach most women would seek as they are more concerned with toning and defining their upper bodies. So, to help facilitate such goals, here is a look at a sample upper body routine for women.

Aerobics combined with Weight Training is the answer

First and foremost, it would be wise to take part in 20 minutes of aerobics exercise per day. Such exercises will burn off fat, which will make it a lot easier for any newly developed muscle tone to be visible.

In performing your aerobics training, it is also advised that you perform various swinging motions with the arms. Curling and pressing motions would be advised as well. The reason for this is rather self-evident. Movement of this nature will hit the muscles of the upper torso and aid in toning them.

Consider this added aerobics work to be an additional way of achieving the desired end goal of a defined torso. For the crux of the matter, here is a reliable upper body workout routine most women will find easy to perform. Better yet, this is a workout routine that will deliver much desired results.

Add Weight Training to your workouts

A Basic Upper Body Exercise Routine for Women

Bent Knee Push Ups (The number of reps will depend on your current fitness levels)
Bungee Cable Bicep Curls
Bungee Cable Military Presses
Bent Knee Narrow Grip Triceps Push Ups
Non-Weighted Arm Flyer Exercises

Workout Frequency and Training Tips

This workout can be performed two or three times a week. It is not a complicated exercise routine. It is fairly simple and anyone can perform it. You can also adjust the workout in terms of the number of reps performed to make it easier if need be.

Do not fall under the trap of believing only "ultra difficult" upper body workouts will deliver results. That is just not the case and those that overdo it with their workouts will end up sore and over-trained. Needless to say, this is not the outcome you want if your goal is to get into proper shape.

Performing this exercise in the appropriate manner with the proper effort will definitely help deliver the results you are seeking. For women, that would be a toned physique that presents rippled lean muscle mass.

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