3 Best Chest Exercises for Women - Female Chest Exercises

3 Best Chest Exercises for Women

One of the best ways to boost a woman's confidence is through proper posture. Through this, you could dramatically improve not only your overall appearance but also more specifically your upper body.

Nowadays, women resolve to going with technology to enhance their looks. Medical interventions are not only expensive but will also create an impression of a "desperate woman". There are a lot of natural ways that will help us women in enhancing our body.

Chest Exercise Help

Chest exercises help women build up and tone their upper body without the use or help of medical interventions. Implants may add up to your body shape but it will only stop there if you don't know how to carry yourself in the best way.

Keep in mind though that no exercise will be able to increase the fullness or size of the actual breast.

Here are three chest exercises that will be helpful for women to build up upper body tone:

3 Best Chest Exercises are

1. Push-ups


The good old fashion push-up is considered to be one of the best chest exercises. The push-up for women is modified from the traditional push-ups.

This is performed with the lower legs resting on the floor while keeping your abdominal muscles tight. This should be done slowly and in a controlled manner.


2. Weight Training


 Most women are afraid that with weight lifting, they might get bulky. This does not hold true.

What makes men bulky in conjunction with weight training is the fact that they have natural testosterone that is responsible in building muscles. .

Women, in nature, don't have that. It doesn't necessarily mean that when you lift heavy weights for exercise, you will get big like those bodybuilders.

That will only happen if you eat too much. In order to tone your body and burn those fats, discipline in food is important.

What you need is heavy weight lifting, but what is only heavy for you and not what is heavy for others.

3. Chest Squeeze

This is a type of an isometric exercise that targets our inner chest part. Isometric exercise is held for longer periods without moving.

Chest squeeze exercise can be done even while you're standing or sitting down.

This is done by placing your hands with palms facing the other palm in front of your chest and pushing in with enough force.

Hold this position until you feel weariness then slowly release and return to your original position.

You will not become bodybuilder with these exercises

Chest exercises for women will not only strengthen the chest area but will also enhance their healthy appearance.

What most women fear about chest exercises is the notion that they might end up flat-chested and overly muscular like bodybuilders. What women need to know is that for these bodybuilders to achieve such muscles, they undergo rigorous and heavy training.

What is true is that with these chest exercises, the breasts that are beginning to sag will be lifted. That would mean less to no more trips to the plastic surgeon. Like any other exercises, bear in mind that it will all start with stretching to avoid abrupt stress on your muscles.

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