How Much Exercise is too much exercise - Can you Exercise too much?

by Sophie
(Plymouth, UK)

Can you exercise too much? What to do if you do too much exercise and see no


Here is a question by Sophie from UK.

I have been working out for nearly one month now....and cant wait to start seeing the effects.
But still have had near to no effect at the moment?
I am currently 116 pound and my aim is to loose at least 2 inches on my waist.

I healthy eat, and I go to the gym for 2 hour sessions, 5 times a week.

So that's a 60min high intensity 'Body Attack' aerobics class, followed by a 60min 'Body Pump 'weight training class 5 days a week.

What am I doing wrong? and is too much exercise the problem? :(

Thank you



Hello Sophie, looks like you are doing 50% of the things right, but what about the rest 50% - NUTRITION.

I would advise you to start a meal plan.

You can use the fat burning diet tips mentioned here, get a meal plans ebook with 
readymade meal plans or get hold of a nutritionist.

The fact is eating clean, eating at the right times like post workout nutrition and getting a good nights sleep are very important too.

Also exercise is called as a cumulative effect. That is, it takes time for the effects of exercise and diet to become evident.

Although one month is relatively enough to see results, I would say give another 2 weeks with renewed information.



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Apr 08, 2011
Re:How Much Exercise is too much exercise - Can you Exercise too much?
by: Anonymous

Hi Sophie:

If you are working out for 2 hours in a gym you are not working out.Period

Not even professional MMA fighters work out for as long as that - they do 45 minutes tops.

Keep your routines, short and intense. So more work in the same period or the same work in less time or both!
Work on the whole body not isolated parts - the body does not work in isolation, so why train it that way - does anybody listen to nature anymore?

So lots of natural movements using motor skills - so jumping, throwing, crawling, climbing, balancing, lunging, reacting, rolling, dragging, pushing pulling, chopping. Oh, leave the gym too - perhaps the worst place to train - a cross between a hospital and a beauty parlour where everybody is 'trying' to fix their body in front of a mirror. Work out at home and outside - your body and mind will love it. Use kettlebells, gymnastic rings, med balls, rope climbing, sandbags,TNT cables, skipping and of course body weight training! No machines, no mirrors.

Finally get away from this weight loss mentallity - there is a paradox between weight loss and health/fitness. Set your goals as skills not weight loss programs that induce health problems. So: can you walk on your hands (can you even do a handstand?), how fast can you run 400 metres, how fast can you climb a 5 metre rope (can you even can a rope?), how many chin ups, can you vault a gate?, climb a tree unaided, perform a back dome cartwheel,how many burpees in one minute, how many kettlebell snatches in ten minutes, can you do a kettlebell turkish get up with perfect form etc etc. Becoming lean will be a nice side benefit. By training like this you will achieve your physical dreams and feel fantastic - I promise you!

Hope this helps. See for more information and sign up for a free newsletter with tips, videos and daily workouts.

Best wishes


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