Kettlebell Military Press Exercise | One arm & Two arm Shoulder Press

Why is Kettlebell Military press exercise so effective?

Kettlebell Military Press Exercise is an excellent exercise to Build Strength and Muscle in Deltoids.

It not only targets the deltoids, but also strengthens the core and makes your lats or back muscles work too.

Men can build strong and lean shoulders and arms and women benefit from lean and great looking shoulders and toned arms

But as usual form is important. Check the correct method here.

Purpose - To Build Muscle mass and Strength in Deltoids.

Execution Technique

The Execution is same for One Arm or Two arm Kettlebell Military Press. It can also be done seated.


  1. Stand straight and clean a pair of Kettlebells to your Shoulders. You can do this exercise one arm or two arms at a time.

  2. Now press the Kettlebells up and backwards until they lock as in Behind the neck Military Press. At the top position your palms should face forwards. You do this by rotating your palms as you press up.
  3. Keeping your core tight, knees locked, actively lower the Kettlebells under a controlled motion and repeat.

One Arm Kettlebell Military Press


Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Make sure you use the proper Kettlebell Weights. You can use 35 lbs or 53 lbs Kettlebells depending on your strength.
  • Avoid jerky movements as more momentum you use the less will be the muscle tension produced.

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