Kettlebell Clean and Press Exercise to Build Strong Shoulders

Why are kettlebell clean and press such an effective exercise

Kettlebell Clean and Press Swing is an excellent exercise to Build overall upper body strength especially the deltoids.

Its a Power exercise designed to build raw upper body strength and Muscle.

Purpose - To Build Strength and Muscle in Shoulders and Arms.

Execution Technique

The Clean and Press exercise can be performed using either or two Kettlebells at a time. Use whatever is convenient for you and as your strength dictates.


This is a One-part exercise unlike the barbell variant. You swing the Kettlebell in one clean motion, hence the name Clean.


  1. Stand straight with feet wider than shoulder width apart and place 2 kettlebells between your feet.
  2. Bend your legs and grab the two Kettlebells pushing your butt back.
  3. In one ballistic motion swing the Kettlebells overhead in a clean motion. Keep your glutes, abs and back very tight and contracted.
  4. Press your legs in to the ground for additional force.

One arm Kettlebell clean and press exercise


Points to Remember

  • Keep motion smooth and controlled.
  • Keep your wrists straight for safety reasons. Its the neutral position for the wrist.
  • Read all the Kettlebell Exercises tips and techniques mentioned in the  Kettlebell Exercises and Workouts Section.

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