Incline Bench Press - Incline Barbell/Dumbbell Bench Press Exercise

Why are Incline Bench Press exercises so effective?

Incline Bench Press exercise focuses on the Upper Chest more and therefore helps build massive upper pecs. Learn how to do them correctly using Barbell or Dumbbells.

I will also include some variations of incline bench press like stability incline presses, alternating and neutral grip incline dumbbell bench press exercises.


To develop Muscle mass in upper and middle Pectoral region.


This exercise uses a bench set at about 45 degrees inclined. Do not go more upright as the stress shifts more to shoulders rather than chest area.


1. Lie on an Incline Bench set at about 45 degrees.

2. Lift the Weight off the rack and hold above you at arms length.

3. Lower the bar until it just touches above the nipple area, making sure that elbows are close to the body at all times.

4. Raise your arms until they are nearly locked out.

Dumbbell Incline Bench Press


In this variation you can use dumbbells instead of barbells. This is more effective as dumbbells allow you bring arms closer to the center at the top of movement recruiting more chest muscles.

Neutral grip incline dumbbell bench press exercise

Instead of the overhand grip with palms facing upwards you can rotate the wrists such that palsm face each other as in hammer curls. Make sure your elbows stay on the side of you body all through the move.

Alternating incline dumbbell bench press exercise

In this version, you do the pressing movement in an alternating fashion, right press followed by left press.

Stability Ball Incline dumbbell press

You can lie on a stability ball with your torso set at an angle making the exercise incline in nature.

Since stability ball exercises are tough on the core muscles, start with moderate weights.

Of course you can do the above exercise in an alternating dumbbell press fashion.

Points to Remember

  • Perform press in a controlled manner.
  • Remember to stretch in between exercises. Chest muscles responds well to such stretches

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