Top 5 Bench Press tips - Improve your lifts in next workout

If how much you bench press is important to you then check out these top 5 Bench Press tips. You will add amazing muscle and strength with the Bench Press Blasting tips. After all it is the King of all exercises for Strength Trainers.

1. Warm Up thoroughly

Just like a lion warms up by stretching his whole body and ready himself for hunting, you need to warm up and get ready for a killer workout. Warming up properly not only improves the flexibility but it also helps prevents injury. Make sure you stretch entire body and then stretch shoulders and chest muscles specifically before, during and after a chest workout.

2. Use the 5 point Body Contact Position.

Make sure that the 5 points namely, the head, back, shoulders, buttocks and feet are on the ground. In fact experts advice to press head towards the bench during th exercise for better strength.

3. Static Bar Hold at the top

Hold the bar at lockout for 1-2 seconds to develop lockout strength. It has helped me lift heavier as my body got used to lower weights preparing them for heavier weights during the lockout hold.

4. Bench Press in slow and controlled manner.

The slow negatives is very helpful in building your bench press strength. Also press the bar in a straight line as the distance the bar travels should be kept to a minimum. Ask someone to watch your technique if you are not sure.

5. Train your triceps and back if you want a bigger bench press

When it comes to chest training I think triceps are the weak link. Triceps give away before chest muscles as they are smaller, thereby you stop training chest before it has actually tired. Train them harder for better bench press. Also train the opposing muscle group, namely back muscles as they can become the weak link in your chest workout.

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