Lateral Raises - Build Side deltoids and break all doors with these tips

Why is Dumbbell Lateral Raises so effective?

Lateral Raises is the best exercise to build side deltoids. No other exercise can target side/lateral deltoids like this. 

The key to dumbbell lateral raises is proper form. This means no swinging, no unnecessary movement of elbows and wrist.

Check out how to perform side deltoid raises and blast your shoulders with these muscle building tips.

Lateral Raises Start Position

Purpose -- To Build middle { outside } head of deltoid muscle.

Make Lateral Raises a regular part of your shoulder workout. Its a must do exercise.

Execution Technique.

This exercise is performed using a pair of dumbbells.

Lateral Raises Midpoint


1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and bring the weights together in front of you. The palms should be facing each other.

2. Now with a slight bend in your elbows raise the dumbbells to your sides, slightly in front of your shoulders.

3. Lift them to a point slightly higher than your shoulders, although many experts believe that dumbbells raised to shoulder level is the safest option. Keep elbows and wrist in same position throughout the move.

4. Now lower the dumbbells in a controlled manner back to the starting position.

Points to remember

  • Remember to exhale while you exert.
  • Form is a very important part of this exercise.. Don't just swing your arms. Keep controlled motion throughout the exercise.
  • Perform a warm up with 50% weight for 1-2 sets.
  • Always use weights which you can comfortably handle. This is not a power exercise. Also heavier weights have a greater chance of injuring your rotator cuff muscles.

Safety and Efficiency Tips

1. Raise the dumbbells to shoulder level only. Avoid raising them overhead . Keep a slight bend in your elbows as it stresses the elbow joints.

2. Always perform the Shoulder Exercises before you perform triceps. This sequence is very important because if you do triceps before shoulders, the triceps will fail early and you cannot lift heavier in shoulder press thus not stimulating delts enough.

Just to it.

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