Bent Over Cable Laterals Exercise for rear deltoids

Why this exercise is so effective?

Cables provide constant motion throughout the movement and thus adds resistance more than free weights.

This makes Bent over cable laterals an excellent rear delts exercise.

Remember Bent over cable lateral Raise exercise is an excellent rear deltoid muscle exercise and should be used by every intermediate or advanced bodybuilder as strong front deltoids must be matched with strong rear deltoids.

So this exercise not only builds rear deltoids, it also maintains balance in shoulder muscles which overwork with delt and pec work anyway.

Purpose and Benefit of Bent over cable raises

To develop the rear head of the deltoids.


This exercise is performed on a cable machine with 2 floor level pulleys.

Stance - Standing with feet shoulder width apart.


  1. Grab the handles of floor level pulleys with your hands crossed in front of you. Left hand holds the cable bar on the right and right hand holds the left cable bar.
  2. Keep your back straight in a slightly bent over position.
  3. Draw the handles across your body and extend your arms on either sides. This movement should be smooth to maintain constant tension.
  4. Raise arms by using rear deltoids and as you reach near the top of movement, turn your wrists slightly with thumbs down as if you are pouring a pitcher of water.
  5. Release the cables slowly back to starting position.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert as always.
  • To keep stress on rear deltoids, make sure that your torso is held in position.
    Torso positioning makes this exercise a rear deltoid and not a lateral deltoid exercise
  • Keep the movement smooth throughout.

Just do it.

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