Machine Presses - Shoulder Machine Press exercise

Why is Shoulder Machine Press an effective exercise?

Shoulder Machine Presses is an excellent exercise to build front and side deltoid muscles. But it has one basic inherent flaw.

It forces the shoulder joint to fix itself and prevents the free movement of this highly mobile joint.

Although I have shown this exercise with both arms raises, I suggest you do unilateral work with machine presses so that the shoulder joint is safe.

Shoulder Machine Presses has two advantages over free weight presses.

1. It demands a very strict movement as the bar is fixed to the rack

2. It allows the weights to to go much lower providing a good stretch to front deltoid muscles.


Shoulder Press Exercise is done on a Shoulder Machine Press Machine.


  1. Grasp the bar on the shoulder machine at shoulder levels. Create some tension in your shoulder muscles to begin with.
  2. Now press the bar overhead until your arms are nearly locked out. You can use your core muscles for more effort.
  3. Lower the bar back to the starting position under controlled motion.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert
  • Keep motion controlled and keep the tension constant throughout on the shoulder muscles.

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