Cable Laterals - One arm cross cable and bent over laterals

Cable Laterals are excellent exercises to develop the side deltoids. Check these One arm cross cable laterals, one arm side cable laterals and Bent over cable laterals to build massive wide shoulders.

Cable Lateral exercises have 2 major benefits.

1. They can be done one side at a time. This demands high concentration and usually hits the target muscles much harder than doing both sides together.

2. The cable provides constant tension throughout the entire range of motion. This adds additional resistance during the negative part of the movement.

The best Cable Laterals exercises

1. Cable Lateral Raises  to develop the side deltoids.

2. One arm cross cable laterals  to develop the lateral head of the shoulders giving them a wider look. It can also be done seated.

3. Bent over cable laterals  to develop the rear head of the deltoids.

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