Barbell Military Press Exercise - Seated/Standing shoulder exercise


Why is Barbell Military Press so effective?

Barbell Military Press is called the granddaddy of all shoulder exercises. It can be done both standing and seated. you can use barbells, dumbbels or even kettlebells to do the military press exercise

In some motor learning assessments you should be able to military press with 33% of own body weight.

Check the correct technique and execution steps to blast your deltoids.


To Build Muscle mass in the front and side deltoids.


Military Press can be done both seated and standing. The seated version demands more strict form.

Alternatively you can do Kettlebell military press. I can promise kettlebells are a different ball game altogether.

Grip - A shoulder width apart grip is excellent.


  1. Sit at one end of a bench and grab hold of a barbell with overhand grip holding the bar at shoulder level.
  2. Now lift the bar overhead until the elbows are nearly locked.
  3. Lower the weight back to starting position.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Keep the motion smooth and lower the weight slowly under constant tension.

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