Bent Over Lateral Raises to develop read deltoid Muscles

Why this exercise is so effective?

Bent Over Laterals are an excellent exercise to isolate and work specifically on rear deltoid muscles.

Bending over, either in dumbbell or cable version is the only way to effectively target the rear deltoid muscles.

For a complete Shoulder Muscle development bent over lateral raises are a must do.

This exercise hit specifically the rear deltoid head, isolating it better than any other shoulder exercise.


This exercise can be performed both standing and seated. I prefer the seated version as it calls for strict movement and when done as shown below can be safe for lower back too.



1. Sit at the end of a bench with a pair of dumbbells. In the standing version you should stand with a pair of dumbbells on your sides. Your back should be at approximately 90 degree angle and naturally arched. In the seated version, sit at the end of a bench with a pair of dumbbells under your thighs.

2. When sitting, bend forward and let the dumbbells rest under you thighs and not on your sides. Research shows this stance is better for lower back muscles.

3. Lift the dumbbells raising them on your sides {laterally} until your arms are parallel to the floor for maximum shoulder stimulation.

4. Now lower the dumbbells back to your sides in standing position and to under your thighs in sitting position.

Points to Remember

  • Your arms should be parallel to your shoulders. Do not lift backwards or forwards.
  • Keep form strict to isolate the rear delts. Remember it is not a power move.

More information on Standing Bent Over Laterals

This exercise is done just like the seated one but with standing and your body bent 45 degrees from your waist and dumbbells coming to rest in front of you palms facing each other.

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