Chin Ups - Wide and Narrow grip chin ups to better lats using chin up bars

Why are Chin Ups so effective exercise?


Chin ups are the best exercise to build sweeping upper lats. Check how to do chin ups and build a wide upper back and develop the entire shoulder girdle with this amazing exercise.

Wide and Close Grip chin ups have remained the gold standard exercise for developing a strong muscular upper back. Nothing compares to it.

Isn't it time that men stop hiding behind the Lat Pulldowns and get serious about building quality muscle mass in the back. Everyone knows that Chin Ups are the best Lats exercises yet so many just avoid them.

The Reason - Its too tough.

Trainers can do a 200lb Bench press but not even 10 chin ups! If you are looking for the best mass builders in the entire shoulder girdle, lats and arms then there is no excuse for not doing Chin Ups.

Chin Ups Start Point

Purpose -- To Build Upper back and create a full sweep in the lats.

Though upper lats are stretched to maximum, the entire shoulder girdle gets a great workout.

Execution Technique.

Chin ups are performed using a chin up bar found in any gym. Also any bar at home which can hold your weight serves this purpose.

Grips - This exercise can be performed using wide grips and narrow grips as well as pulling to the front and the back.

Style - The way you do chin ups dictates which muscles you target more. A narrow grip targets upper lats and biceps more.

A V-bar with hands facing each-other targets lower lats and rhomboids more.

Chin Ups Midpoint


1. Hold a chin up bar with overhand grip and hang from the bar.

2. Now pull yourself up bringing your chest up to the bar.

3. At the top of the movement hold for a moment.

4. Now go all the way down, getting a good stretch at the bottom of this exercise.

Perform as many reps as possible for 3-5 sets. If you find it difficult to do chin ups then perform assisted chin ups but never skip this exercise. On the other hand if these chin ups are too easy for you, do weighted chin ups holding a dumbbell hanging for your feet.

Points to remember

  • Exhale while you exert.{ While moving up here }
  • Go full range of motion.

Many people complain me that its very difficult to perform chin ups and they would rather do lat pull downs. I agree its difficult. But here as you are doing chin ups against gravity using your own body weight the lats are worked real good. It will stimulate last like no other exercise. So put your head down and work.

Just to it.

Variation of Chin Ups

There are a few variations of the regular chin ups helping you add a variety to your workouts.

1. Wide Grip Behind the neck chin ups - Here you perform regular chip ups but pull yourself behind the neck and touch your rear neck to the bar.

2. Close Grip Chin Ups - This exercise helps in lengthening the lats. Here you take a close grip and pull up to a point where your chest is very close to your hands.

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