Barbell Pullovers - Bent Arm Barbell Pullovers Exercise to expand the rib cage

Why are Barbell Pullovers such an effective  back exercise?

Barbell Pullovers is a great way to build lower lats and expand the rib cage. Check the correct execution technique and build a rib cage many will envy.

Purpose - To Build Lower lats and expand the rib cage.


This exercise is done lying on a bench with a loaded Barbell.


  1. Lie on a flat bench and grab hold of the barbell with assistant's help.

  2. Keep your arms bent slightly and raise the bar bringing it over your head to in front of your chest.

  3. Lower the bar getting a good stretch in your chest and armpit muscles and get back to the starting position.

Special Tips

1. Using an E-Z bar can be a better alternative as it is easy on the wrist joints.

2. If you want to make this a stability exercise and involve your core muscles too, then perform the barbell pullovers on a stability ball.

Make sure your upper and middle back is firmly placed on the ball and raise your hips to make your shoulder fall in a straight line with your hips and legs.

Points to Remember

  • Exhale while you exert.
  • Maximum stretching ensures greatest expansion on rib cage.

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