Back Safety Training - Tips for a Safe Back in Weight Training

Back Bodybuilding Safety Training Tips

Although Training your back is very important, a few mistakes can turn your Core Strengthening in to a total disaster with back pains and a weak back.

Use these Back Safety Training tips to ensure a strong back.

Remember you will miss your back when its gone.

On the contrary if you train back with these safety tips, you will not only get strong, muscular back but you will also improve on your other lifts.

Weight Training Sins when it comes to Back Training and their Solutions

  • No or Improper Stretching

Tensed Hip Flexors are the biggest problem Bodybuilders face and improper stretching is the cause.

Solution - Proper Back Stretching using Side Bends, Lunges and high knees, butt kicks, lying scorpion are VERY helpful to improve Hip Flexor flexibility. Use the Stretching Guidelines as mentioned in the Stretching Exercises Section.

  • Muscle Imbalances

Too many chest exercises and not enough exercises to Build Upper back can be detrimental.

Solution - Just because you cannot see the Back Muscle Chain does not mean you can ignore it or train sub optimally. The same goes for Hamstrings. Read the Best Back Exercises Section for Upper and Lower Back Exercises and Workouts.

  • Overtraining

Back Muscles are used in almost all body movements from shoulder press to Squats and are at an easy point of overtraining.

Solution - Its best to do Split Training as dividing your Body in to 3 or 4 major parts and exercise them individually. Also you can combine Lower Back Training with Leg Training so that they are not worked out every day of the week.

  • Improper Form

Training Back is termed difficult and it is so because they are not visible during training and are intensely energy consuming.

Solution - Form is more important than weight because if your form is important your lifts and their effectiveness will obviously improve. Develop a strong Mind-Muscle connection to build Back muscles by concentrating and contracting them harder as they are not visible during training and may go under trained.

Deadlifts may be the best Back Muscle builders but if performed incorrectly they can destroy your back. Use the correct techniques as mentioned in the Exercise Database and you will be fine.

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  • Inadequate Rest and Recuperation

This is just a corollary to the Overtraining rule. Over-train and under-rested your Muscles and you will pay dearly. Tom Venuto in his preface for David Grisaffi's book Firm and Flatten Your Abs explains how back Injuries kept him away from Training and how you can avoid these layoffs.

Solution - Its best to isolate them and not perform more than once a week.

These Tips may sound simple but they are VERY effective if you want to avoid Injuries and have a strong Core.

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