Low Back Stretches - Lower Back Stretching Exercises for strong back


Why are low back stretches so effective for back flexibility

Want to improve the flexibility, elasticity of back muscles and ligaments? Then check these Back Stretches designed to increase your Back stability and prevent/eliminate Back Pain.

A Stiff tensed back is the number one reason for Chronic Back pain.

Not only the normal activities are affected by these stiff muscles and ligaments, but a weak back hinders your Weight Training or Sports goals.

Best Back Stretches

The following Back Stretches should be a part of your daily exercise plan.

They are also very useful for rehabilitation people who are working their way form Chronic Back Pain, although in such cases it may take weeks together of these stretches for the effect to be seen.

Before doing the specific Back Stretches make sure you read the Stretching Exercise Guidelines as well. I include the proper stretching method, duration and safety tips.

The Supine Low Back stretch

Execution Steps

1. Lie on your back and take a few deep breathes.

2. As you exhale pull your knees to your chest with your hands now placed on your knee caps.

3. Now hugging your knees rock back and forth.

4. After a few reps, rock side to side for a total low back stretch.


Supine stretch with a twist

You can finish the above move and add a new movement.

Execution Steps

1. From the knee hug position, drop your knees to one side {say right} and let one leg slide over the other. Your hands are on the floor with your right hand over your left knee.

2. For an extended back stretch, push your left with your right hand downwards, all the while continuously sliding the right {bottom} leg away from left {top} leg with your hand.

As you progress you will be able to completely straighten your bottom leg and get a very good low back stretch.

How to use low back stretches to prevent back pain or stiffness.

The best way to cure an injury is to prevent it altogether. Remember Prevention is better than cure as because of any back injury you not only lose your normal pain-free life but also valuable training time.

Does stretching help me prevent low back or spine injuries in weight training?

Any exercise can result in injury if the correct form is not followed.

Many people think that exercises like deadlifts, squats and hyperextensions are bad for lower back.

Its not true. Done with improper form these can be dangerous. Remember there is a "dead" in deadlifts.

But done properly these exercises effectively build lower body, spinal and hip muscles, strengthen them and make you strong.

Best advice - do all back exercises in the gym with a naturally arched back. AVOID ROUNDING YOUR BACK and you are fine.

For an overall Core Stretches its best to stretch all these important muscle groups.

Of all these the Hip Flexors  

  1. Neck Rolls
  2. Side Bends
  3. Hip Stretch
  4. Lower Back Stabilizers/Erector Spinae Stretches
  5. Inner Thigh/Groin Stretch/Hip wideners
  6. Combination Hamstring Stretches

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