Best Hamstring Stretches to Improve Hamstring Muscle Flexibility


Why Hamstring Stretches are very important for flexibility - Illustrated Hamstring Stretches

Hamstrings, next to lower back are the commonest areas for tightness. Therefore hamstring stretches are very important if you have stiff hamstrings.

It doesnt matter if you just want a flexibly body with good range of motion or an athlete trying to be the fittest for your chosen sport.

So if you want to get rid of tight thighs or get extreme flexibility, check these Hamstring Stretches to increase hamstring length.

Hamstring Stretches, lunges, Hurdler's stretches are few of the best hamstring stretches.

There are many Hamstring Stretching exercises but I will show you the 7 best ones to get started on your way to flexible hamstrings and groin muscles.

Few are done standing and other seated or lying down.

I would suggest you pick one from each other 3 standing, seated or lying versions for each hamstring stretching workout.

Lets roll...

1.  Forward Bends - Standing and Seated - To stretch Hamstrings and Lower Back.


This is a good hamstring stretch to begin with.

1. Stand straight with feet together.
2. Bend forward and grab hold of you legs at whatever level you can do easily. Breathe in, breathe out.
3. With each breathe out try to stretch a little farther feeling a good stretch in your hamstrings and lower back.
44. Do this for 20-60 seconds or about 12-15 breaths before moving on to next hamstring stretch.

2.  Raised Hamstring Stretches

This is done one leg at a time.

1. Raise your leg and place it on a table or bench keeping the other leg straight on the floor
2. Bend yourself and grab hold of the supported leg on the bench anywhere you can comfortably hold.
3. Feel a good stretch in your hamstrings by bending more forwards and stretching a little farther with each breathe.
4. Do this for 10-60 seconds or about 12-15 breaths before moving on to next hamstring stretch.

3.  Lunges - To stretch inner thighs, hamstrings and Glutes.

Lunges are next in the line of hamstring stretches as they require some hamstring flexibility to begin with. They are also a bodyweight exercises for upper legs and can be done weighted with dumbbells, barbells or even kettlebells.

1. Stand straight with your hands on your thighs or on your waist.
2. Take a step forward {lunge} while keeping the other leg as straight as possible.
3. Feel a good stretch in the hamstring muscles of the lagging leg.
4. Make sure that the lagging leg is on the ground and the lagging feet firmly held on the ground.
5. Do for recommended number of reps as above.

4. Standing hamstring stretch with variation

1. Stand with your feet about 3 feet apart and bend both legs grabbing the ankles.
2. Gently stretch the hamstrings by straightening your legs.
3. You can also grab hold of one ankle, keeping the other leg straight, feeling the hamstrings stretch before releasing it and repeating the other side.

5.  Hurdler's stretches - To stretch hamstrings and inner thighs.

This is a seated stretch, a sitting version of the first forward bend exercise.


1. Sit on the ground with one leg extended and the other leg bent in contact with the floor as shown.
2. Now bend forward toward the extended leg and grab hold of the leg as low as you possibly can.
3. Feel a good stretch in your hamstring muscles.
44. Do for recommended number of reps as above.

6. Lying Hamstring stretch

1. Lie on the floor with one knee bent, foot on the floor.
2. Grab the other leg by interlacing your fingers behind the knee.
3. Bring the leg closer to your chest, gently stretching it upward and outward from the hip joint.
4. Feel a good stretch in your hamstrings, hold for recommended time interval and repeat on the other side.

As your flexibility improves, you can start with the other leg straight instead of it held bent.

7. Hamstring Band Stretch

This stretch calls for more hamstring flexibility and uses a band.

1. Lie on your back with one leg straight onto the ground and hold the other leg with a band placed at the toes.
2. Keeping the banded leg slightly bent, stretch the leg up and out of the hip joint.
3. Feel a good stretch in your hamstrings, hold for recommended time interval and repeat on the other side.

The Stretching Technique

Stretch after a light Cardio warm up. Perform treadmill or bicycle for 5 minutes and stretch.

Stretching Requires slow, gentle movements. Avoid bouncing forceful moves as it will only hurt you. I have illustrated excellent Stretching Exercises by Body part below. Perform them before start of each weight training session for 30 - 60 secs each. Recommends - The Stretching Handbook.

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