Hip Flexor Stretches - Hips Stretches for Flexible Hips


The amazing benefits of Hip Flexor Stretching

Tight hip flexors are the biggest concern when doing squats and abdominal training. Flexible Hip flexors help you perform bigger lifts properly, help you relieve tight hip flexors and give you a flexible hip and glute muscles.

Hip Flexor Stretches the Psoas Muscles responsible for tight hips. Use these Hip Flexor Stretching Exercises for more hip mobility, less injury and a pain free Weight Training Workout.

Although poor flexibility is detrimental to a pain-free healthy life, poor hip stability can be fatal given the high incidence of hip fractures due to instability, especially among old people.

Hip Flexor Stretch

Stretch One - Standing Hip Flexor Stretch


1. Lie on your back on a bench with one of your hip {say right} at the edge.

2. Now pull the knee to your chest. The weight of the leg itself will stretch the front of your hip.


I love to do this stretch after my aerobic training.

Stretch Two - Lunge Hip Flexor Stretch

Execution Steps

1. Get into a lunge position and rest your lagging leg on the floor at your knee. Place your hands on your lunging knee and keep upper body erect and tight.

Take 2 deep breathes in and out.

2. Raise your right arm upwards, straight pointing to the ceiling while stretching the right hip forward.3. Take a deep breathe in and increase the stretch with each exhalation.

The hip flexors will stretch to maximum. Make sure you do not go beyond slight discomfort.

How to make hip flexor better

From the stretched position with right hand raises and hip hip pushing forwards, you can bend to the left at your torso to make the right hip flexors stretch beyond regular stretch. This is a killer technique for advanced trainers.

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