Combination Hamstring Stretches


Hamstring Stretching is key to performance and life

Combination Hamstring Stretches is a combination exercise designed to stretch the lower back and hamstrings.

Importance of Hamstring Stretching

The hamstrings are made up of a group of 3 muscles that are found in the thighs.

Like most other muscle groups they help in movement, shortening to bend the knees, or extending to when out knees straightens out or when we are standing.

Hamstring stretching is important because;

 Hamstrings need to be flexible in order that they perform their function of contraction and relaxation to aid movement. Stretching them regularly keeps them in optimum form.

 Most of us spend the greater portions of our days sitting at a desk or in the car. This means that the hamstrings are consistently in a shortened state. Therefore stretching them regularly during short breaks at work will enable that they stay in correct form.

 Hamstring stretching helps to prevent injury of the hamstrings and even lower back pain since the hamstring is connected to the hips and the pelvis. Therefore increasing the flexibility of the hamstring by stretching will lower the risk of having lower back pain.

While hamstring stretching is important, improving the strength of the hamstrings is also beneficial for preventing injury. And combined with stretching exercises gives the hamstrings a total workout.

Execution Steps

Stand with your feet wide apart. Bend with your torso and place your hands on the floor Feel a good stretch in your back and hold this position for 2-3 seconds.

Additionally you can turn your torso to one side and take hold of the ankles with both hands stretching your lower back further. At this point remember to keep your legs locked throughout the movement. Repeat on the other side and get back to the start position. Recommends
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