Windmills Stretching Exercise

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Windmills is an excellent exercise for the shoulder mobility, back & hamstring stretching and trains your core {or abs} how to remain tight in core lifts like overhead presses.

Windmills Exercises can be done with bodyweight and with kettlebells as high or overhead, low and doubles. It takes the Bent over twists to the next level.

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Benefits of Windmills Exercise

How to do Bodyweight Windmills

Kettlebell Windmills - Overhead or High, Low and Double Kettlebell Windmills

Windmill Workout tips

More Core and Abs Training with Kettlebells

Benefits of Windmills Exercise


  • Improve Shoulder joint mobility and stability
  • stretches the tight hamstring and glute muscles
  • trains the core the concept of tight and might
  • Makes your abs firm and loses love handles.
  • strengthens external oblique muscles.

Bodyweight Windmills for back stretching

In the Bent over position straighten your arms out and twist such that your right hand touches the left foot and the left hand remains straight and points the ceiling. Keep knees extended.

Repeat on the other side.

Points to Remember

Turn your face to the side on which you touch the foot for a complete stretch.

Improve Windmills with rotated triangle pose

An excellent addition to windmills stretches is the yoga pose called triangle. In addition to the end position of windmills, you rotate your neck so that you face is towards the ceiling.

Kettlebells Windmills Exercise

Windmill Workout tips

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