Lunges/Achilles tendon Stretches


Lunges, also called Achilles Stretches is an excellent Combination exercise designed to stretch the front thighs, inner thighs, Hamstrings and Lower back muscles.

Execution Steps


  1. Stand upright with with feet together. Take a step forward lowering yourself by bending the knee of same side { say left side}. Try keeping the other leg as straight as possible.
  2. Place your both hands on the floor for support.
  3. Now the Achilles Stretch - Straighten your bent left leg by pushing with your hands keeping your back bent and feel a good stretch in the hamstrings and Achilles tendon of the right leg.
  4. Also by bending your head you can stretch the lower back extra.
  5. Get back to the Lunging position and repeat. Recommends - The Stretching Handbook.

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