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Why lower back stretching is so important

Stretching your Lower Back is vital for Lower Back strengthening. A Strong and flexible Lower Back solves your backache problems and allows you to train harder, better and safer.

Lower Back Strengthening and Flexibility is vital in Weight Training as it affects many other lifts like the Squats, Clean and Press and Deadlifts. Make sure you stretch them properly every week.

Erector Spinae Lower Back Stretch



1. This exercise is done lying on your back on an exercise mat.

2. Now pull both knees towards your shoulders and stretch as far as you can.

3. At this point grab hold of your soles or back of your knees for additional stretch. I suggest you take your tailbone off the floor for a complete lower back stretch.


Stiffness of the lower back is usually the cause of major back pains and in the end may lead to injury or slipped disks that may cause immobility.

The major cause of stiffness is when the muscles of the back are constantly in a contracted and shortened form as in the case of people that are always in a sitting position (as in office workers), or children that are constantly on computer games, or in individuals that spend a lot of time lying down.

It is also common that the muscles shorten with aging and the range of motions becomes significantly reduced.

Therefore keeping your lower back flexible will ensure that you stay mobile all your life and that you are protected from lower back pain and injuries of the back.

Stretching exercises for the lower back will keep the bones on the lower back aligned correctly and will make the muscles in the lower back more flexible. This consequently makes movement and balance to be easier.


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