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Why is Ab Stretching so important for flexible core

Abdominal Stretching or more importantly core stretching for a strong flexible core is a must if you want a fit, muscular and toned body.

These simple abdominal stretching exercises will give you a full and complete ab stretch.

These core stretches will also increase the flexibility of your entire trunk including lower back giving you a strong, flexible core area.

Ab stretching on workout days

On your workout days you need not stretch your abs as I recommend that you do your ab work at the end of your weight training workouts by which time your abs are already warmed up and stretched. So you can directly do abdominal exercises.

But if you are doing stretching on non-workout days, then the following 3 exercises should be part of your stretching routine.

The third stretch called back extension is both for your abdominals and back area, hence a total core stretch.

Reps and Sets - The best way is to do each stretch for 30 seconds or for about 5-10 breathes as your fitness level allows.

Abdominal Stretch 1 - Lying Abdominal Stretch {Supine}


1. Lie on your back with your arms extended overhead and your legs straight along the floor.

2. Now gently arch the lower back feeling your abs stretch.

Abdominal Stretch 2 - Lying Abdominal Stretch {Prone}

In the second ab stretch, lie face-down on the floor with your upper body supported by your extended arms on the floor.

This would basically be a push up position with knees on the floor.

As you exhale, lift your upper body even more feeling a good stretch in your abdominal muscles.

Want a deeper stretch?

Then lift your chin to the ceiling.

Please make sure that you have no back pain either before or during the exercise.

Want a more oblique muscles involvement?

Then shift your weight to one side { say right arm} and look towards the opposite shoulder {left shoulder in our case}. This will make you stretch deeper and you will feel the burn on your abdominal sides.

Abdominal Stretch 3 - Back Extension

This stretch is great if you have a posture with rounded back. Here are the steps to do it properly

1. Lie facedown on the floor propped up on your elbows.
2. Take a deep breathe in and as you exhale move your chest forward as if you are diving forward feeling a good stretch in your lower back and abdominals.

Other Stretching Exercises

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