Hurdler's Stretches - Excellent Hamstring Stretches exercise

Importance of Hamstring Flexibility

Hamstring muscles are on the top areas which are tight in fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. A weak or inflexible hamstrings can limit your day to day fucntions and also affect all your other lifts.

Hurdler's Stretches are an excellent way to stretch Hamstring and Inner Thigh Muscles. Check the proper technique and save yourself from Hamstring injuries with this stretching exercise.

Purpose - To stretch Hamstrings and Inner thigh muscles.

Execution Technique

This exercise is done sitting on a hard floor.


1. Sit on a floor with both legs extended. Now curl one leg and keep the other extended.

2. Now bend forward and hold the extended leg as far as possible with your hands.

3. Feel the maximum stretch and hold this position for 5-8 seconds.

4. Repeat with the other leg. Recommends - The Stretching Handbook.

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