My Goals reached - lost weight and gained muscle

by Kensley
(Orlando Fl US)

I made goals to lose 10 pounds and to gain about 15 pounds of muscles and i started by using these workouts on here and i reached my goals i stuck to the diet and followed the workouts on here and i did it. You guys should try it.

How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle at the Same Time

Weight loss and muscle gain use different metabolisms. While in order to lose weight you will need to consume fewer calories than you require for your daily needs so as to create a calorie deficit which will force the body to burn the excess stored fats in the body for energy. It is this fat burning process that will help you lose weight.

On the other hand, muscle gain will need you to consume more calories in order to build muscles that may in the process instead add your body weight as muscles are quite heavy as well.

However both processes can actually be combined especially when you start using muscle building techniques and weight training. Once you start weight training, you will be burning up the fat for energy and this will also create a deficit in the body’s energy resources which combined with good weight loss techniques will ensure that you lose weight (especially the dangerous body fat), and gain dry muscle weight in the process.

Lower your intake of Carbohydrates

order to succeed using the fats of your body for energy, you must lower your intake of carbohydrates that are the major source of energy for the body. This will mean that the body will be having less no carbohydrates from where to draw energy from and will turn to other sources for energy. The stored body fats are the next alternatives and will be metabolized to produce energy instead.

When you exercise, you will increase the breakdown of these fats and enable your weight loss to go faster while you build muscle. Eat a diet of fruits and vegetables and some proteins that are the building blocks of muscles and will help muscle gain as you lose fat.

Essential weight training to build muscles

Bodyweight training or training with weights is essential to build muscles. Doing total body exercises are better as they will enable muscle build up for the whole body. Start your weight training with small weights and always make sure you start with warm up or a short job for about 5 to 10 minutes that will get your metabolism going.

Make sure you do your weight training exercises at least once a week and for at least 45 minutes to one hour sessions. Once you get to a good rhythm and strength level, you can then increase the weights and intensity of the exercises so as to increase the muscle gains.

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