Best Weight Loss Foods - Calorie Burning foods that promote Fat Burning

A List of Best and Worst Weight Loss Foods. How to choose the best fat burning food every time and with ease to effectively lose weight.

Eating to Lose Weight is always associated with a military proposition where you will have to lose all the tasty foods, eating very less and being hungry all the time with only a point away from binging!

Its nonsense to believe that. Why starve yourself to death when all you are eating are the right foods?

Best and Worst Weight Loss Foods

Before I delve in to the best and worst weight loss foods, please read this disclaimer. No Food is either good or bad for your body in moderate amounts.

Yes the saints are right. Moderation is still the key to lose weight. But I will give you a list of foods that will help you immensely in your Weight Loss Journey.

Best Weight Loss Foods Worst Weight Loss Foods foods



Fresh Fruits/Juices


Lean meat

Egg whites


Fish Oils

Vegetables and Green salads

Cottage cheese

Whey/Soy Protein Powders

Ice creams

Colas and Sodas


Fast Foods





French Fries

Fried Chicken


The Best Kept Weight Loss Secret

Aerobic Exercises combined with proper Weight Training still is my best bet. Enough said about these in the Weight Loss Section.

Top 5 Best Weight Loss Foods

  1. Oats and Potatoes
  2. Chicken and Fish
  3. Low Cottage Cheese and Milk Products
  4. Rainbow Vegetables and Olive Oils
  5. Yogurt and Pizza {Yeah you read it right! }

Oats and Potatoes are excellent carbohydrate sources as they are low in calories, high in fiber and has Low Glycemic Index. You cannot go wrong with them.

Chicken and Fish are the best Protein sources. Since in order to lose weight you need a caloric deficit, you will require adequate high quality proteins to combat muscle being used as fuel. Save your Muscle breakdown for a sustained higher metabolism Remember what we discussed in Weight Training for Weight Loss Section.

Cheese and Milk are Ready to eat, high in glutamine amino acid and a complete protein, what else can you ask for. It is high in calories so moderation is the key. But this may be well the only food that you eat which has high calcium, so crucial for your bones.

Yogurt is my favorite as it tastes great, is a great probiotic and smoothies with yogurt taste great.

You might be wondering why I included Pizza. That's actually my favorite cheat meal. You can add any food you like. If you starve yourself from the things you love then you are bound to lose motivation and binge or worse yet quit altogether.

Top 5 Worst Weight Loss Foods

  1. French Fries
  2. Popcorns with Butter
  3. Cookies, Crackers and Pastries
  4. Vegetable Oils and
  5. Baked Goods

These high fat and high calories are extremely bad for weight loss and also for your Heart Health. Engage them only once a week on your Cheat Meal.

When Planning your foods always remember,

  • Always combine carbs and proteins. Never eat carbs alone from now on.
  • Eat small frequent meals to avoid fat storage.
  • Eat a low-fat diet not no-fat diet.
  • Use Meal Replacements whenever necessary.
  • Allow yourself to cheat once in a while.
  • Whenever possible cook your meals. Its a great way to stay low fat and low sugars. Recommends - Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle

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